California Allegro Roadrunners
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Welcome to our Allegro Motorhome club website.  We are the California Allegro Roadrunners club.  We are a motorhome club of Tiffin Motorhome owners with a passion for having fun and being on the road.  Most of us are from Northern California and around the Bay Area.  Some of us are part-time motorhome users and a few of us are full-timers.  We generally plan our monthly outings on the second weekend of each month.

If you own a Tiffin motorhome of any model, please feel free to contact us about membership.

2014 Club Officers:
    President:        Douglas Switzer
    Vice President: Ron Baker, Primary
                           Bob Lynch, Assisting
    Secretaries:     Carolyn Nelson    
    Treasurer:       Gina Stephensen

Tiffin Rally, 2014

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    Brief History
    Outing Guidelines
    Reservation Guide            

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LAST UPDATE: 11/12/14

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